Food Menu
Main Dish
Noodle & Pancake
Yaki-soba is the chow mein, 
Yaki-udon is Japanese wheat moodle.
Both are stir-fried noodles with vegetables and meat,
mixed with thick sweet sauce.

Hiroshima style Okonomi-yaki is Japanese savory pancake,
the ingredients are layered, cooked, and served on the individual pan.
Yaki-soba \780
Yaki-udon \780
Hiroshima style Okonomi-yaki \800
Chiken Teriyaki \1,880
Pork Steak \1,980
Wagyu Sirloin Steak (150g) \5,800
Wagyu Filet Steak (150g) \6,000
※Steak menu with Rice or Baguette.
Side Menu
Nuts \500
Salsa & Chips \680
Guacamole \780
Cheese Combo \1,200
Jamon Serrano (Spanish fresh ham)Half size \900
Jamon Serrano (Spanish fresh ham)Ragular size \1,680
Avocado Sashimi \600
Avocado Salad \780
Mixed Salad \900
Potato Butter Saut'eed \680
Seseri (saut'eed chiken neck meat) \700
Mushroom Combo \780
Sausage Combo \880
Shrimp (saut'eed shrimp) \980
Oyster Butter Saut'eed \1,200
Ice Cream (Vanilla or Chocolate) \480
Honey Baguette \680
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We have a wide variety of other foods.

We kindly ask you to pay the total amount on your bill all together as a party.
 Thank you for your understanding.

Prices are before tax on the list.